Meraki Body Art is a private tattoo and art studio located in the heart of Winnipeg’s west end.

Meraki is the place that we all wanted to be a part of.  A place where we can cultivate our talent and foster our passions. Somewhere we can feel at home and inspired.  We love art, we love what we do and we would love to create something beautiful with you.

Things you should know...


Consultations are free and required in order to get the information we need so we can create something perfect for you.  There is no cost to discuss your idea however, a deposit is required before any drawing will proceed and any appointment for tattooing is made. The deposit amount will depend on the tattoo and is up to the artist's discretion.


Deposits are mandatory for any drawing to begin and any tattoo appointment to be booked.  After your tattoo is completed the amount of your deposit will be deducted from your total cost. We get that life happens and sometimes you'll need to change your appointment date.  

A minimum of 72 hours notice is required when rebooking otherwise a new deposit must be paid in order to book a new appointment.  

Cancelling your appointment at any time, no matter how much notice is given will also forfeit your deposit.

All deposits are 100% non-refundable.


Do these things for your appointment and we will be best friends 5ever.

  • EAT before your appointment, it takes energy to endure a tattoo.

  • SHAVE the area before hand and we will love you.

  • Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes around the area you plan on getting a tattoo.


Avoid these things to keep everyone happy.

  • Don't bring friends/family(this includes your children). We get that you want to share this moment with people but the actual process of getting a tattoo isn't that exciting and having extra people around can be distracting to the artist. We want to do the best job we can so please just come with yourself.

  • Don't move! OMG Jason just snapped a hilarious photo you HAVE to see this. No. Just no. You may think that you can move part of your body to check your phone/do whatever and keep the rest of your body still but that's not always the case. Try to minimize your movements and then after your appointment you can show us Jason's hilarious photo.

  • Social media can wait. If you want to snap or post to your instagram story, please do it before you head into your appointment or after your appointment is completed.



What is the cost of a small tattoo?

The base rate for all tattoos is 120 plus tax.

Whats the best way to book with a particular artist?

Email is generally the preferred way to contact any of our artists, you’ll be able to find their email address on their respective pages/instagram. Feel free to text the shop number, it’ll work better than leaving us a message.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, debit and all major credit cards.

Does it hurt?

Yeah, it fuckin hurts.

Do you take walk-ins?

Generally no, but sometimes yes. Maybe though, but mostly no. Every once in a while yes. You should probably just follow our instagram stories for announcements when we have time for walk ins. It also doesn’t hurt to text us.